About Us

We’re a group of friends who love nothing more than spending time on the water. Whether we’re sailing, fishing, or just cruising around, being on a boat is our happy place.

We’ve been through some rough waters together, and there’s nothing we love more than sharing our passion for boating with others. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or someone who’s never set foot on a boat, we welcome you to join us on our next adventure.

About Me

Hello There, My name is Andrew Allen. I am a boating enthusiast and have been doing it for the last 13 years. I find boating is very pleasant thing and I hope I can do it for the rest of my life. Beside this, I also love to kayaking and scuba diving as well.I always try to learn new things if it’s related to boating or kayaking, whatever. It gives me immense pleasure which I can’t express it here in short.

I have a small regret now that if I would have strated my marine/ocean journey a little bit 5-7 years earlier I could be a one of the most knowledgeable person in our region.

My Future Goal

Since I am a busy person, I wish I have to work less after some several years later. I would like to help other people like me who wants to know more about marine and boating life. I hope I would open an youtube channel very soon where I can upload my videos and experinces I gathered all the years. Till then I think blogging is one of the best substitute in case of express my feelings and sharing my little knowledge.

If you would like to know anything from me for any particular thing or have any idea, please let us/me know. We would like to reply it as soon as possible!